From ancient crops
materials and products for the future

The main goal of the VeLiCa project is to make again gainful the growing of flax and hemp in Regione Lombardia (Northern Italy) where it used to be widespread at the beginning of the 20th century. This target will be pursued by the exploitation of all the parts of the plant to make different products with different added value.
The overall amount of the project is 5 million euro. The financing of Regione Lombardia, corresponding to 50% of the total project, is mainly devoted to young people training.

December 2013

Canapaindustriale’s inteview to Dr Nicoletta Ravasio and Dr Incoronata Galasso

Here you can find the link to the Canapaindustrile’s interview to Dr. Nicoletta Ravasio and Dr. Incoronata Galasso about the VeLica project: Interview

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